Danse Et Plus offers dance classes through the aftercare programs at Blount County, Knox County,and Maryville City schools. Hundreds of dancers are given the opportunity to learn proper dance technique, perform, and have lots of fun!
Welcome to Danse Et Plus!
Please be sure payments are kept up to date. Invoices are emailed each month if an email address is provided. Payments can be made through paypal. For an invoice, please contact us.

Dance recital will be held during the weekend of May 20-22. There will be one show. Tickets will be handed out at the beginning of May. Tickets are invitations only. They will not be taken up at the door.

We are looking forward to dancing at several spring talent shows at schools. Please let us know of any events that you may think our dancers would be a great addition to. We do several community performances a year.

Dance classes are going great! We look forward to showing of all of your children's hard work in May!!!
Dance Recital

May 20-22
weekend of

exact days and times TBA