Dance Attire

All ballet combination classes need to wear a black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. We request a black leotard. With our young dancers (ages 2-4) it is okay for them to rock their own style with a leotard of their choice. However, we do want all age 2-4 students in leotards (or dance attire) for class. We suggest a split sole leather ballet shoe (especially for ages 5 and up).

Tap students need to have black tap shoes. 

Hip hop students can wear sneakers or dance shoes. These students still need to wear dance attire. 

Students can wear dance shorts or ballet skirts over their leotard for modesty if desired. 

All competition dancers need to be in class uniform each week. 

Do not come to dance class without proper shoes and dance attire. 

Hair should be secured out of all dancers face. 

All tumbling students need to wear tshirt and shorts or a leotard. 

No jewelry should be worn to dance or tumbling class. 

Dancewear can be purchased online. Please follow the available links: