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Mrs. Shelly possesses 40 years of experience. She has taught 29 years in which she has inspired thousands of dancers across the south. She has trained under  numerous dance professionals, but her favorite include Gus Giordano, Luigi, Frank Hatchett, Al Gilbert, Joe Tremaine. Her favorite ballet teacher is Janice Barringer. She admires her ability to teach children complicated technique through fun and creative methods that help them understand and be able to execute the skill. Mrs. Shelly continues her dance education through conventions and classes throughout the nation. Her students, by learning to follow their dreams, have become actors, models, college and professional level dancers and cheerleaders.  Throughout the years her students have competed across the nation claiming various national titles. Mrs. Shelly strives to build each child a firm foundation in dance so that every dancer can achieve their dreams. Although her dancers may not all dance on broadway, each one is sure to dance away with courage, confidence, and a will to achieve. 

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Mrs. Shelly

 “Dreams are like stars...you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.”

You never know what you can do until you try! We think that every child should dream big.  We teach dance because we love it! We feel blessed to do what we love. At the studio, we balance education with fun and excitement. Children learn best when they are enjoying what they are being taught.  At Danse Et Plus, we instill in each child that "If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.” Jesse Jackson
Ballet/Pre-Jazz Combination Class available at your local preschool
(Ages 2-4/ Ages 3-5)

At this level, we feel it is important to make sure our young ballerinas learn their terminology and technique properly while enjoying the spirit of dance. The dancers are introduced to ballet through song and dance and silly rhymes. We strive to ensure that each dancer not only has fun, but leaves the class each day learning dance technique. We also offer our Babies Ballet/Pre-Jazz combination class that teaches upbeat jazz with lots of personality. At first we believe, “If their feet aren't in the right place, at least their hearts are.” ~Christian M. Chensvold

Dance Instructor
Miss Leslie

Ballet/ Jazz class at your local elementary schools

Each week we start off with ballet technique. We ensure that the dancers know their termonology as well as correct alignment with each step. We work across the floor, center floor combinations, and fun dances that combine their knowledge. We then move on to jazz where the students learn jazz technique as well as the newest coolest moves to music they love. The knowledge that they gain in these classes is equivalent to what we teach in our studio classes. 

All classes (preschools and schools) conclude the year with a recital in May where they will perform one dance. Dancers will purchase a costume for $35 that they keep after the show. We also perform at talent shows, basketball games, graduations, and other school events throuhout the year.
Miss Leslie has cheered and tumbled throughout her life including her high school and college career. She is attending school for elementary education.  Miss Leslie is loved by all of her students and has a heart for teaching that she enjoys to share with the kids.  Miss Leslie teaches tumbling of all levels as well as cheer and dance.